Referral and Assessment

  • Individual Student Team/Student Study Team

    If your child is experiencing significant difficulty in school academically, socially, emotionally or behaviorally, an Individual Student Team (IST) or Student Study Team (SST) will meet to discuss the students strengths and areas of concern At this meeting, the school staff and the parents will determine if interventions are necessary.
    Assessment is conducted only after all resources that are appropriate have been implemented.  The decision to evaluate must be a team decision. Students are assessed if the team suspects that there is a disability that requires specialized instruction. The purpose of assessment is to determine eligibility for special education services and written parental permission must be secured before a special education case study evaluation can begin.


    Within 15 days upon the receipt of a referral, the Student Study Team (SST) will determine if an assessment is warranted.  If the Student Study Team determines that an assessment is warranted, the team will review the student's abilities in the following areas:

        • Health
        • Hearing
        • Vision
        • Cognitive Abilities
        • Social/Emotional Skills
        • Communication Skills
        • Academic Performance
        • Motor Abilities

    The team will determine what assessments will be given based on the referral questions and will assess in all areas of suspected disability.  The School Team will then obtain consent from the parent/guardian to complete the evaluation process.  The steps are as follows:

      1. An initial IST/SST  meeting is held to determine if the child needs assessment.
      2. If assessment is needed, the district must obtain written parental authorization.
      3. Once written authorization is received, the district will assess to determine if the child is eligible under one of the thirteen categories of IDEA, and that there is an adverse impact that requires specialized instruction.
      4. Once the student is determined eligible, the team develops an IEP.

    Note:  Steps 3 and 4 above must be completed within 60 days of receipt of the parent's signed assessment authorization