Week 17 Practice Assignment

Posted by Samantha Nickel on 1/24/2020

What to practice this week:

Watch, sing, and dance along to the following video of Ms. Nickel singing and signing to Galop HERE. Practice doing your hand signs and head motions while you sing! (I am a little sick in this video, so please excuse my coughing!)

You are also to practice your specific voice part in Sahayta. 

1/2 of Manor and 1/2 of Wade Thomas = Alto
1/2 of Manor, 1/2 of Wade Thomas, 1/2 of Hidden Valley, and 1/2 of Brookside = Soprano II
1/2 of Hidden Valley and 1/2 of Brookside = Soprano II

Also practice the clapping rhythm phrases we learned. Speak through the phrase but only clap on only the words in red. Then practice speaking the whole thing but only clapping on the words in green.

​          I am a cow
          a what?
          a cow
          a what
​          I like to moo (remember both red and green clap on these last words)

​Here is the link to a video of students performing the piece: Sahayta

​Record your practice time (30 minutes over the course of the week) on your practice log and have your parent/guardian initial practice minutes to earn a stamp! Remember to bring your chorus folder/binder to music class every week.

Practice Guidelines
- Plan your practice schedule for the week.
- Designate a practice space that is free of distractions.
- Review your practice assignment and musical goals (written or on this website).
- Set a timer for your planned amount of practice.
- Practice! (Goal is at least 30 minutes total per week.)
- Complete your practice log and have your parent/guardian initial it before music day.