History/Social Studies

  •  White Hill's approach to History/Social Studies:

    Whether studying the ancient world, medieval world, United States history, or current events, students at White Hill engage in inquiry and exploration in their History/Social Studies class. Students are supported in thinking critically, engaging in academic discussions, and analyzing and corroborating sources. Additionally, students are challenged to view historical events from multiple perspectives by questioning the master narrative and researching the often untold stories in counter narratives. 

    White Hill’s 7th and 8th grade students have the unique opportunity to engage in project based learning through their participation in the National History Day Project, where they can choose to study any topic in history that interests them, as long as it relates to the annual theme.  Through this experience, students become historical researchers and project creators using a variety of presentation platforms (documentary, exhibit, paper, performance, website). Students can also choose to participate in the regional history fair with the opportunity to represent White Hill in the state history fair competition.