• February 2019

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    Dear Manor Families,


            Last week was our EL Education Mid-Year review. Thank you to those who were able to attend the PTA Parent Focus group. It was so valuable to hear parent feedback on how EL Education practices and principles are visible at school and in conversations with your children. We also held a student focus group and we were incredibly impressed with the students' insights and reflections. Several members of our Manor Staff Leadership team. Mrs. Mathis, Mrs. Skelton, Ms. Dewa, and Ms. Julie, participated in the Mid-Year classroom walk through with our EL staff. This was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all of the work we've been doing over the past two years as we implement the EL core practices. Based on all the data gathered thus far, we are rocking it!!


    The staff also completed a staff survey as part of the data collection. This is an anonymous survey so teachers can share honestly about their experience with EL. Here are some quotes from teachers when asked, “What are the highlights of being an EL Education School?


    Quotes from staff:


    It is a rare and wonderful thing to have a hand in the direction a school is going. Being an EL school involves teachers and cares about their input and thoughts on good teaching and learning. I enjoy the work of designing case studies and all the work we are doing to make our school become better and better. I love crew meetings and helping students work on being reflective. Students are aware of what they are working on with targets and know what is expected. I have seen this changing our school already and can't wait to see where we are a few years from now.


    EL Education aligns well with my values as a teacher. I love the idea that students learn to take charge of their own learning and can apply this learning to real world situations.


    I am truly inspired by the EL philosophy and am enjoying learning about how to be a teacher who supports student leadership and ownership


    It has been exciting to grow as a teacher. To learn and try new ways of teaching. It has also been exciting to see my students grow!


    Team building, staff building, community building, engaging each student and having them all be part of a crew, working for deeper understanding and striving for excellence in work.


    During our EL Service days, grade level teams have also been working with Martha and Sarah to plan our Case Studies and Expeditions.  Teachers are learning new teaching protocols and strategies to use with their students to deepen their learning and ensure that they are challenged appropriately. Thank you for your on-going support for our work with EL Education! More to come…


    This Wednesday, February 13th is Walk to School Umbrella Day!


     Please set your alarm clocks 20 minutes early the night before so your child doesn’t miss the fun!


    Live far or work full-time? Then park your car 1/3 of a mile from campus and walk the rest of the way with your child.  Come to our welcome table at the front of the school for a giveaway – rain or shine. Please help us to reduce car drop-off traffic and teach our children the importance of using their feet to get to school.



    Only 39% of Manor families have donated to YES so far this year. We need everyone to step up and do their part! Please give what you can to ensure our kids will continue to be provided with vital YES-funded enrichment programs, including art, music, theater, poetry and more.

    Donate Online Here



    Have something to donate? Find out how here.






    Sign up here for any of the following experiences good for the entire family!

    2/13 - Pass out food to those who are food insecure at the Marin Community Health Hub

    2/17 - Glean (save excess produce) at the Civic Center Farmers Market

    2/19 - First Presbyterian - Cook, serve and dine with the homeless

    2/27 Pass out food to those who are food insecure at the Marin Community Health Hub


    * Special at Manor: Feb. "Spread the Love" Canned Food Drive for the SF/Marin Food Bank.  Join us in collecting 200 cans this February! More details soon!


    Small actions can create big change! Switch up your routine and see how good it feels to be making a dent in hunger in our world!

    • Donate to organizations dedicated to reducing waste and feeding the hungry like St. Vincent De Paul,, Next Generation Scholars, Marin Community Clinics, Homeward Bound, and Mill Street Shelter - no amount is too small!
    • Compost! Compost! Compost!
    • Start a “use first” bin in your refrigerator for those items about to go bad - eat them!
    • Choose the “ugly” produce at the store that others will likely not buy...they taste just as good and you’ll save them from going to landfill!
    • Create an official “Leftovers night” - use what you have in your fridge, be creative, there’s a great meal in there waiting to be enjoyed!
    • Get your kids involved in cooking the meals - give them a sense of the value of food and pride in being able to feed their family with their cooking.


    More information about Children for Change at


    • Parent Tour, Tuesday, 2/12 at 9 am
    • Wednesday Welcome, 2/13 at 8:30 am
    • Lockdown Drill - Friday, 2/15 at 10:05 am
    • Mid-Winter Break - February 18 - 22nd
    • Monday, February 25th - School opens
    • Wednesday, February 27th, - Parent Ed Event, 6:30 – 8 pm in room 8

    Have a great week!







    January 2019

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     Dear Manor Families,

     This afternoon Mrs. Julie and I are headed to Monterey for the annual Western Regional EL Leadership Conference. This is an amazing professional development event where we have the opportunity to work with principals and instructional leaders from a variety of EL Schools across the western region (California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada). Kathy O'Keefe will be our substitute principal. Mrs. O'Keefe has been at Manor several times and she is very familiar with the staff and students. If you need anything, please call the main office. I am also always available by email.

     January 7th Staff Development Day

    ladies     nextGen

     Last Monday, 1/7, the teachers were engaged in a staff development day focused on the new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). NGSS is built on three dimensions of learning: the Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs), the Cross Cutting Concepts (CCCs), and the Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs).  At this staff development day, teachers visited various science model stations designed to replicate the process they would use with students. They also worked in grade level teams to plan NGSS engineering lessons. The NGSS standards fit well with our EL Education Expeditions and teachers are using these new and engaging standards as they plan their expedition work. Thank you for always supporting our teachers and their on-going learning!

     Kindergarten Preview Night - Tuesday, January 22nd, 6:30 - 8 pm


    We are so excited to welcome our prospective families to our Kindergarten Preview night this coming Tuesday. At this meeting, Mrs. Mathis and Mrs. Williams will provide parents with an overview of their magical kindergarten program. Teachers in grades 1-5 will also be present to share why they love Manor and what they are excited about in regards to our partnership with EL. I will also provide a quick overview EL Education and where we are in the process. Spread the word to your friends and neighbors if they are interested in attending Manor School for the 19-20 school year!




     Hunger Banquet - Jan 30th at 6pm-7:30pm

    An interactive experience for all ages that will give attendees a true understanding of the inequities in food distribution and the issue of Hunger throughout our world. This banquet will be like no other you’ve ever attended and provide an impactful and memorable experience for the whole family. Register now as it will sell out!

     “Just Eat It” Screening & Panel Discussion - Jan 27th at 4:125pm

    In partnership with the California Film Institute and this is a special screening of the award winning documentary “Just Eat It”. An entertaining and accessible film for all ages, sheds light on the issues of food waste and rescue here in the U.S. Did you know that Americans throw out over 38 million tons of food each year? “Just Eat It” follows the lives of two filmmakers who experiment with the task of surviving on only discarded food for six months. Could you do it? See what it took to succeed in this wonderful film. See the trailer here and purchase tickets online at the San Rafael Film Center.


    • No Wednesday Welcome this Wednesday, 1/15/19 - (Peg away at EL Conference)
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - No School
    • Kindergarten Preview Night - Tuesday, 1/22, 6:30 - 8 pm
    • PTA Meeting, Wednesday, 1/23, 8:45 am - Room 8
    • Parent Tour, Tuesday, 1/29 - 9 am
    • RVSD Board Meeting, 7 pm a District Office
    • Manor Families, Wednesday, 1/30, 8:45 - 9:15 am (No Wednesday Welcome)
    • Site Council Meeting, Thursday, 1/31, 3:30 pm in Library

    Have a great week!