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Visual Arts & Music

  • RVSD has rich programs in music and art taught by fully credentialed art and music teachers at both elementary and middle school levels. These programs are funded by the YES Foundation which is supported by community and parent donations.


    The District's award-winning music program’s mission includes helping “each child realize his or her natural aptitude for music” using developmentally appropriate instruction. Each year of instruction builds on the year before in a steady progression, beginning with the simple goal of exposure in early elementary school. In fourth grade students add some basic woodwind and string instrument instruction, and in 5th grade every student elects a full year of instrumental or choral instruction. When they reach White Hill Middle School, many of these students have developed a real love of their chosen instrument (including voices) and opt to continue with choir, band or orchestra. Over half of the students at White Hill are involved in the music program.

    Visual Arts

    The Mission of the district art program is to provide children in Kindergarten through 8th grades with an enriched, developmentally appropriate and challenging art curriculum that inspires creativity and self-expression, builds self-confidence, develops problem solving and divergent thinking, and promotes students to become lifelong learners. Students become familiar with a variety of art media, tools, techniques, as well as an appreciation for and the development of the language of art and the ability to employ the elements of art and principles of design in their work. The program also emphasizes the importance of art in history and contemporary society. 

    Student art is displayed in a professional manner to honor and celebrate the work of students and present to the community the impact of student learning. Students are recognized as unique individuals with their own ideas, cultural, familial and social values and are encouraged to make joyful discoveries and connections in their work through this personal lens.

    The White Hill Middle School visual arts department offers a variety of art electives including zero period Art Explorations (for 6th grade students), Studio Art, Graphic Design and Yearbook, Ceramics, and Digital Art and Photography (for 7th and 8th grade students).

    Follow the Ross Valley School District visual arts program at rossvalleyart@instagram.