Principal's Message

  • Peg Minicozzi School should be a place of discovery, wonder, joy, and magic. It should be a place filled with excitement and enthusiasm - a place where both adults and children love to learn. The students at Manor are empowered and respected for their unique strengths as learners. Teachers are empowered and respected as professionals. Parents are our partners. Learning is joyful and rigorous. This is Manor.

    Our approach to teaching and learning is based on research on how children learn best. What motivates children to learn? What are the conditions that best support enduring understanding of concepts and ideas? How do we teach the skills and strategies in meaningful ways? What is developmentally appropriate? What keeps children engaged, focused, and energized about learning? How do we truly develop lifelong learners? How do we meet standards and develop young people who think critically and give back to their community? These are the types of questions we ask ourselves as a staff and community to ensure that the quality of our educational program is at an exemplary level. Everyone is a learner at Manor.  Everyone is a teacher. Teachers, the principal, staff, and parents understand that teaching and learning is not linear but a cyclical process of inquiry. We approach teaching as facilitators of learning and we learn alongside our students.

    I am extremely honored to be the principal of Manor School. We are here to inspire and motivate children to be the best they can be. I am inspired and motivated every day by this mission. I hope you will be too.

    Peg Minicozzi, Principal