Physical Education

  • RVSD Physical Education programs are taught by credentialed Physical Education teachers at both the elementary and middle school levels.  Additionally, at the elementary schools, PE Specialists co-teach classes with the credentialed Physical Education teachers. 

    Elementary K-5

    As well as being fun and engaging, the RVSD physical education program provides standard-based curriculum and developmentally appropriate, high-quality lesson content.

    Units and lessons are designed to engage all students with careful consideration given to maintaining challenging yet achievable activities for all students. Students learn at their own pace in a physically and emotionally safe environment. 

    Fundamental motor skills, sports lead-up skills, health-related skills, social-emotional learning and mindfulness practices are all components of the quality program we provide.

    Elementary physical education teachers have the unique opportunity to work with students throughout their elementary school years providing the opportunity to individually tailor lessons and build strong relationships between student and teacher.


    Physical Education Model Content Standards for California Public Schools