• Brookside PROUD

    student with bear badge Our Brookside PROUD program is the foundation for social/emotional learning for all our Brookside bears. There are several components to the program that provide continuity for students, families and staff. Brookside PROUD expectations are taught through classroom activities throughout the school year.  These expectations are posted in classrooms and common areas on our campus. They are continually reinforced by all staff and students are rewarded for modeling what is expected. Bear badges are given to students as they are caught being Brookside PROUD.  Each morning, there is a raffle for two bear badge winners from lower and upper grade classes. These students are announced over the intercom and they receive a free book and popsicle. Each month, during our school-wide assemblies, all students who earn bear badges are recognized.  Bear badges are sent home for families to acknowledge and provide positive recognition. Additionally, teachers have specific classroom programs to reward earned bear badges.


    Restorative Discipline

    We recognize that our bears are learning and growing each day.  We use a growth mindset and restorative methods to support students when they have unexpected behavior.  This includes student reflection sheets aligned with our Brookside PROUD program. Students take the time to think about what happened and how their choices were not aligned with our Brookside PROUD expectations.  They also write about the choices they will make next time. Brookside staff work with students to identify these important components of their behavior and identify appropriate supports and interventions to help students grow.



    Students practicing mindfulness Mindfulness practices are used daily at Brookside.  Several staff members participated in professional development from Mindful Schools.  Teachers use various resources to practice mindfulness in their classrooms.  This allows each teacher to put their own personal spin on this important part of each student’s learning and adjust to the needs of their students.

    Growth Mindset

    Growth Mindset is the understanding that abilities and intelligence can be developed.  Following the philosophy and work of Stanford University Professor Dr. Carol Dweck, TK-5th grade teachers use growth mindset language and activities in all content areas to reinforce this idea.