Winter Concert - Next Thursday evening at the White Hill Gym

Posted by Samantha Nickel on 2/7/2020

Students arrive by 6:30pm to warm up, concert starts at 7pm.

What to practice this week:

Galop, full video HERE

Sahayta Part assignments for Alto's Soprano II's, and Soprano I's are written below and seen in this image:


Students singing Alto: practice leading the first call and response, "Washirika, Bayanihan"
Students singing Soprano II: practice leading the second call and response, "Ngoyila, Halo-Halo"
Students singing Soprano I: practice leading the fourth call and response, "!uba, !uoba, washirika, bayanihan, ngoyila, halo-halo,"

Small group solo opportunity! If you are interested in singing in small group of 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, practice leading the "Aawitankita" sections in Sahayta. I will need 2-4 5th grade students in the small group.

​Record your practice time (30 minutes over the course of the week) on your practice log and have your parent/guardian initial practice minutes to earn a stamp! Remember to bring your chorus folder/binder to music class every week.

Practice Guidelines
- Plan your practice schedule for the week.
- Designate a practice space that is free of distractions.
- Review your practice assignment and musical goals (written or on this website).
- Set a timer for your planned amount of practice.
- Practice! (Goal is at least 30 minutes total per week.)
- Complete your practice log and have your parent/guardian initial it before music day.