Week 9 Practice Assignment

Posted by Samantha Nickel on 11/1/2019


What to practice this week:

- All groups should practice singing Galop, measures 9 - 89 with the hand motions. These motions will be part of our performance in December and are important! ​Click on this YouTube video link to listen and sing along: Galop

- Practice our newer rounds, Popocatepetl (Rounds #2) and To Stop The Train

- You can continue to practice the other rounds we've learned in class. Click on the blue text to be directed to the YouTube link:
Hey ho, nobody home (Rounds #1)
Dynamite (Rounds #1)
Ah poor bird (Rounds #1)
Belle Mama (Rounds #1)
Alfred the Alligator (Rounds #2)

​- Brookside and Hidden Valley Students, here are the changed lyrics to Ah Poor Bird:

Witches on brooms,
take thy flight,
far above the horrors 
of Halloween night

- You may also continue to practice Count On Me by Bruno Mars!

​Record your practice time (30 minutes over the course of the week) on your practice log and have your parent/guardian initial Week 2's practice minutes to earn a stamp! Remember to bring your chorus folder/binder to music class every week.

Practice Guidelines
- Plan your practice schedule for the week.
- Designate a practice space that is free of distractions.
- Review your practice assignment and musical goals (written or on this website).
- Set a timer for your planned amount of practice.
- Practice! (Goal is at least 30 minutes total per week.)
- Complete your practice log and have your parent/guardian initial it before music day.